This page contains documentation for the commitments made by the Trump/Pence campaign prior to the election. These are the commitments to which the Presidential Scorecard will hold the Administration accountable.

This includes the Policy section of the Trump/Pence campaign website, interview transcripts, and transcripts of major speeches.

Click on each item to access the transcript.

1. Trump/Pence campaign website contents

2. Donald Trump Campaign Announcement Speech, July 16, 2015

3. Donald Trump 60 Minutes Transcript, September 27, 2015

4. Donald Trump Speech on Trade, June 28, 2016

5. Donald Trump Nomination Acceptance Speech, July 21, 2016

6. Mike Pence Speech at Republican National Convention, July, 2016

7. Donald Trump Speech on Immigration, September, 2016

8. Donald Trump Speech on the Economy, September, 2016